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Samson Mulaudzi

Professional Birding Guide in the Soutpansberg and Venda area

Map Soutpansberg birding
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Birding Hotspots

There are a number of top birding hotspots in the Soutpansberg and Venda region with abudance of special birds that are easy to locate in the area.Some of the birding hotspots includes Roodewal Forest,Hanglip Forest,Muirhead dams and forest,Thohoyandou Botanical Garden,Thathe Vondo Forest,Luvuvhu River and Dams,Albasini Dam,Punda Maria and Pafuri in Kruger Park.

Entabeni Forest

 Entabeni Forest is an Afro-montane Mist-belt Forest situated on the Soutpansberg Mountains. The forest is extensive, but only parts of it are easily accessible.

  • Bat Hawk,Orange Ground-Thrush,Grey headed Parrot,Black-fronted Bush-Shrike,Green Twinspot,African Broadbill, White-starred Robin, Yellow throated Woodland Warbler,Mountain Wagtail,Forest Canary,Grey Cuckooshrike, Knysna Turaco, Scaly-throated Honyguie, Yellow-streaked Greenbul and Brown Scrub-Robin. 

Hanglip Forest

An easily accessible Afro-temperate Mist-belt forest with a picnic site and short trails. This is an old birders haunt and the birding is good. Listen out for the resdient Scaly-throated Honeyguide in the picnic site. This is the best place to find White-starred Robin and Yellow streaked Greenbul. A short (20 min) circular walk starts from the picnic site.

  • Scaly-throated Honeyguide, White-starred Robin and Yellow-Streaked Greenbul,Narina Trogon,Buffspotted Fufftail,Lemon Dove,Crested Guineafowl.

Kruger National Park

I do a day trips to Kruger National park especially in the northern part including Pafuri site,Crooks's Corner,Punda Maria and Shingwedzi area.Our guided trips produced special birds like Pel's fishing Owl,Dickinson's Kestrel,Racket-Tailed Roller,Grey headed Parrot,Orange Winged Pytilia,Lemon-Breasted Canary,Black-Throated Wattle-Eye,Tropical Boubou,White-Crowned Lapwing and many more.

Luvuvhu River-Springfield farms

Habitat include riverine forest and water.Special birds amongst others African Finfoot,White Backed Night Heron,Half Collared Kingfisher,African Black Duck,Narina Trogon,African Broadbill,Green Twinspot,Tambourine Dove.

Muirhead Dams and Reserve

Muirhead Dams and forest situated along the central Soutpansberg .This is another place in South africa to find the Blue-Spotted Wood-Dove,one of the top birds in the Soutpansberg area.

  • Forest birds:Blue-Spotted Wood-Dove,Buffspotted Flufftail,Scaly throated Honeyguide,Magpie Mannikin,African Broadbill,Green Twinspot,Yellow-streaked Greenbul,Chorister robin-Chat,White-starred Robin,Dark capped Yellow-Warbler.Water birds: African Pygmy Goose,Lesser Moorhen, White-Backed Duck,Half Collared Kingfisher,African Fish Eagle.

Roodewal Nature Reserve Forest

This is the best most reliable site in the Soutpansberg for African Broadbill.The best time to hear the African Broadbill is in summer  just before dawn and just after dusk.

The vegetation is Semi-deciduos Scrub Forest which is low canopy forest with a mix of woodland,riverine and Afro-montane trees species.

  • African Broadbill,Eastern Nicator,Scaly-Throated Honeyguide, Narina Trogon,Green Twinspot, Gorgeous Bush-Shrike,Crested Guineafowl and African Crowned Eagle.


The Geese Dam

The Dam offers a wide range of shore birds and some sour bushveld around.

  • Target birds include amongst others African Pygmy Goose(more than 40 birds counted),Lesser Jacana,Allen's Gallinule,Lesser Moorhen,African Rail,Orange breasted Waxbill,White Backed Duck,Osprey,African Fish Eagle,


Thohoyandou Botanical Garden.

The Botanical garden is situated right in Thohoyandou town.The special birds that turned out is one of the sought after species Blue-Spotted Wood Dove,Both Pink and Green Twinspot,resident Black Sparrohawk and many more birds.