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Samson Mulaudzi

Professional Birding Guide in the Soutpansberg and Venda area

Map Soutpansberg birding
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Planning  for personalised self drives  guided trips include bird watching,cultural tours and nature walks  throughout scenic Soutpansberg mountains and Venda land of legends in the Limpopo Province,South Africa.Soutpansberg Mountains lies in the northern part of Limpopo Province and is a wonderful place with lots of endemic birds and beautiful scenery lots of fauna and animals is a must to visit while in South Africa.

Specialist in exclusive day tours to sites such as:

  • Thathe Vondo Sacred Forest
  • Hanglip Forest Reserve
  • Muirhead Dams Reserve
  • Sagole Big Baobab Tree
  • Roodewal Nature Reserve
  • Albasini Picnic Site
  • Entabeni State Forest and Luvuvhu River.
  • Thohoyandou Botanical Garden
  • Kruger National Park-Punda Maria and Pafuri.

Full Day Birding Tour


Entabeni State Forest and Hangklip Forest reserve is one of the most specticular sites of birding under the canopy of Afro-Montane Forest.Entabeni Forets and Hanglip Forest is an ideal sites for full day.Entabeni Forest is a great sites and birds that are common are Bat Hawk,Orange Ground Thrush,Brown Scrub Robin,Green Twinspot,Yellow Throated Woodland Warbler,Yellow Streaked Greenbul.Other places we can visit for the day include Thohoyandou Botanical Garden and birds easily located is Blue Spotted Wood-Dove.This is the only reliable place to get the Blue Spotted Wood-Dove in South Africa.Other resident birds are Pink Throated Twinspot,Green Twinspot,Gorgeous Bushshrike,Red-Capped Robin-Chat and Eastern Nicator.

Half Day Birding Tours

Birding starts from 06:00 to 12:00 in the escarpment of Soutpansberg mountains.Roodewal Nature Reserve which is best done early morning,and then to Muirhead Dams.Roodewal Nature Reserve the only place to see the African Broadbill in the Central Soutpansberg.Other special birds common at Roodewal Nature Reserve are Eastern Nicator,Narina Trogon,Scaly Throated Honeyguide,Green Twinspot and the resident African Crowned Eagle.

Kruger National Park

I do a day trips to Kruger National park especially in the northern part including Pafuri site,Crooks's Corner,Punda Maria and Shingwedzi area.Our guided trips produced special birds like Pel's fishing Owl,Dickinson's Kestrel,Racket-Tailed Roller,Grey headed Parrot,Orange Winged Pytilia,Lemon-Breasted Canary,Black-Throated Wattle-Eye,Tropical Boubou,White-Crowned Lapwing and many more.

Morning Birding Tour

A guided morning birdwatching tour from 2-3 hours can be organised to any hotspot sites nearby.Expect to see crepuscular birds like the African Broadbill,African Finfoot,White-Backed Night-Heron,Orange Ground Thrush and other birds like Green Twinspot,Pink Throated Twinspot etc