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Samson Mulaudzi

Professional Birding Guide in the Soutpansberg and Venda area

Map Soutpansberg birding
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 I have recently established my own Bird guiding business-Birding Soutpansberg and Venda.following my five years with Shiluvari Lodge I was able to develop my guiding skills I decided to pursue my dream of having my own business.Over the past years I have built a wealth of experience in the guiding of tourists with a specific focus on avian sector.

I have attended various training courses workshops,Glendower Soutpansberg Birds and Forest festival for the past five years;Limpopo Bird Guides Practical Workshops and Raptor ID courses.

I also played a role in establishing the annual Limpopo Forest Birding festival…now on its 7th year as well as assisted in the establishment of various birding Hotspots such as Roodewal Reserve,Muirhead dams and recently Thohoyandou Botanical Garden and Tshivhazwa Dam.

Over the past 2 years In was also instrumental together with Christopher in establishing a project named The Mottled Spinetail in South Africa organised by Birdlife South Africa that focuses in getting the youth of the area to appreciate birding and to conserve the environment.



Samson Mulaudzi-Limpopo Specialist Birdguide.Trained and accredited in general guiding and bird identification through the SASOL/Birdlife South Africa.An expert in leading any birding focussed excursions through-out Soutpansberg,Venda and Northern Kruger.Tours arranged to fit in with your needs and plans-anything from 3 hours or half day to a full day even weekend birding tour.

Birdlife SA Owl Award 2012
Samson Mulaudzi took the initiative to embark on an educational programme in the northern reaches of Limpopo after a trip to Sagole to see the Mottled Spinetails made it clear that children were knocking down the Spinetail nests for the eggs and chicks. Samson has gone from school to school, educating the children in the area about the importance of these birds, why we should value all of our birds and animals, as well as showing them that it is possible to make a career out of caring for our birds. Samson  has managed to inspire a generation of children to think about their avian resources in a different way and to become young conservators. This programme, coupled with their ‘Birds in Trees’ project which couples educational visits with planting trees at schools, and his valuable research into Limpopo’s important birds, makes him worthy of this award.